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Project Bingiriya

Since its first year of fundraising Reality UK have been focusing on supporting a rural care home which accommodates 26 women and children with learning disabilities. The care home is a standard 3 bedroomed bungalow and is truly overcrowded and does not meet the basic personal and hygienic needs of the people living there. The projected was named “Project Bingiriya”. On 31st December 2010, Reality UK launched its first 31st night Dinner and Dance. Reality UK were blessed with the presence and participation of Malani Fonseka MP, Jackson Anthony, Keerthi Pasquel and the Super Fortunes. Saman De Silva was also in the country and attended as a guest at the event. All came together to make a successful night to remember. All who attended the Dinner and Dance to celebrate with the “stars” had a great night and welcomed the new year 2011 with a big bang. The event touched the hearts of the attendees and gave them great satisfaction that their support will help fellow citizens back home in Sri Lanka. Reality UK raised Rs 400,000 which helped pay for the deposit and secure exchange of contracts to purchase a plot of land adjoining the care home. On 31st December 2011, Reality UK launched its second Dinner and Dance and was honoured with the attendance of Saman De Silva and Vincent De Paul Peiris with music by Revolution. The night was topped up with the star guest appearance of Neil Warnakulasuriya and Nelson Waas of the Sunflowers. Following the successful event, Reality UK managed to raise Rs 1200,000 to complete the purchase of 45 perches of land adjoining the care home. Attendees welcomed the new year 2012 and enjoyed immensely knowing that any funds raised from the event will be donated for a good cause. Reality UK now seeks to raise funds to build a dormitory on the 45 perches of land so that the 26 women and children can enjoy suitable living space and day activities. Reality UK will be honoured for all to come together again for the new year and raise further funds to help the less privileged in Sri Lanka.


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